Audi calls for Mexican college students to engage in training program in Germany

Last week, Audi Mexico announced that it has opened its call for the Mexican Students in Germany program. This program seeks that Mexican students can be trained in the automotive industry with the possibility of working at the San José Chiapa plant in Puebla.

According to Alejandro Pliego Mora, Marketing Director of Audi Mexico, from 2013 to date, Audi Mexico has sent more than 500 university students to specialize in Germany.

In 2019 will be sent the seventh generation of the program aimed at young people who attend the last two semesters of any engineering major related to the automotive industry.

Applicants must speak English and German, accredit a minimum average of 8.5 and be willing to change residence.

Once the students are selected, they get to work as intern at one of the Audi plants in Germany and to attend a semester at a local university in that country.



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