Audi fulfills commitment of 5,200 jobs in Puebla

Audi fulfills commitment of 5,200 jobs in Puebla

A little more than a year after formally starting operations in San Jose Chiapa, Puebla, German premium automaker Audi has fulfilled its commitment to add 5,200 employees to its workforce, the company said in a statement.

The Mexican human capital synergizes with the complex’s robots to achieve the proposed commitment: a production of at least 150,000 Q5 and SQ5 SUVs annually to export them to different markets in the world, especially in North America and Europe, said Alejandro Pliego, director of HR Marketing and Employee Engagement.

The executive explained that during the time that the company has been in operation, it has sent 750 Mexican collaborators to Germany to be trained for more than a year in the language and the productive process of the company. This measure is part of the EMA program, which aims to recruit engineering students.

With an investment of US$ 1.3 billion, the Audi plant formally began operations in September 2016, becoming the first in the country dedicated to the manufacture of vehicles exclusively for the premium segment.


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