Audi Mexico recycles more than 30,000 tons of waste

Audi Mexico recycles more than 30,000 tons of waste

PUEBLA – The Audi factory in Mexico will incorporate actions under its Mission:Zero strategy with the efficient use of resources, in order to recycle.

The Audi Group acts consciously with its environmental program Mission: Zero under four action fields: decarbonization, water use, biodiversity and resource efficiency with the goal of sustainable production at all its global locations, in Production and Logistics.

Audi Mexico, as part of the Audi Group's global production network, has recycled more than 30,000 tons of waste generated in the factory, such as cardboard, plastic, paper, metal and wood, which come from production processes and administrative areas.

In order to ensure the classification of each of the residues, Audi Mexico follows the management plans. This begins with collection at the points of generation using containers, followed by internal management, and finally proceeds with the removal from the factory in compliance with the applicable Mexican official standards.

"At Audi Mexico we are constantly working to achieve our sustainable goal, which seeks to act in harmony with the ecology with a clear long-term perspective," said Tarek Mashhour, CEO of Audi Mexico.

Thanks to the integrated management of waste through its Environmental Management System, based and certified in ISO 14001:2015, the San José Chiapa plant, since 2016, has a 100% landfill-free waste management and looking for the recycling of each type of waste to have a second life.

Source: Cluster Industrial