Audi Mexico will modify its strategies with the arrival of Donald Trump

Audi is aware that with Donald Trump in the U.S. Presidency, its plans for production and commercialization in Mexico are up for hard-to-predict impact, but Audi’s representatives still reassert that this is a very attractive country for the automotive industry, due to its number of free trade agreements and the high professional qualifications of its workers.

Eduardo Palacios, Director of Competences Development for Audi Mexico, commented that there is a strategy of orientation towards the new mobility models around the world, considering new technologies, such as connectivity and digitization, which are very important in a vehicle, and this implies to train staff to work with new competences.

On the other hand, Audi, Volkswagen and State of Mexico Metropolitan Coparmex, agreed to collaborate to strengthen school-company relations with one initial project consisting on the opening of a Dual Industrial Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering.