Audi’s arrival benefits the State of Tlaxcala

As a result of Audi’s establishment in Puebla, 16 auto part makers have arrived to Tlaxcala and have built four industrial parks for the last three years. These constructions include the Vesta Park Tlaxcala I, in the Municipality of Huamantla; the Oriente Industrial Park, in Cuapiaxtla; Zitlaltepec Industrial Park; and the fourth park is located in the Municipality of Sanctorum, in the west side of the State and near of the Arco Norte. The goal set by the Government of Tlaxcala is to attract at least 25 suppliers, 16 of which have been achieved, representing 64% of the total expected. Lear Corporation, is one of Audi’s suppliers that have recently started operations, with an investment of US$4.6 million and 400 jobs generated.