Audi scores a resounding success with armored SUV

Audi scores a resounding success with armored SUV

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The launch of the armored version of the Audi Q5 in Mexico has been a resounding success. Of 250 units sold that it had set as goal for this year, the company already has 155 orders, the German automaker revealed to Expansion.

"It's a project that was developed in Germany especially for the Mexican market and other countries in Latin America," said Jorge Ochoa, manager of Armored Vehicles at Audi Mexico.

For US$ 96,600, customers will get an armored vehicle with thermoformed ballistic steel, which withstands impacts of up to a Magnum 357. "It's a standard armor level for situations like an assault in Mexico City," Ochoa said.

Out of the 155 vehicles already sold, 60% were bought by companies, which give them as a benefit to their managers. The rest were acquired by private clients.

Mexico City, where the probability of suffering an assault is twice as high as in the rest of the country, according to official figures, is the main market for these SUVs, although they also received orders from the North of the country and Guadalajara.

Audi uses the Elite version as a base for the shielding. The company adapted the disc brakes, axles, suspension and gear boxes of the super sports version to mitigate the additional 550 kilograms and not lose power.

The armoring is made in the Puebla plant and after the success of the Mexican market, Audi will soon begin exports to Argentina and Brazil.


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