Audi taps Puebla plant official to lead the company’s global logistics

Premium German automaker Audi announced that Peter Koltai, who for the last three years had been director of production control and logistic at the company’s assembly plant in Puebla, Mexico, has been promoted to global head of transport logistics. The official will be based in Germany, in substitution of Heiko Schulz, who has resigned under a retirement arrangement.

In his new position, Koltai is responsible for driving Audi Group’s entire transport logistics strategy. He runs a team of engineers with purchasing and controlling tasks as well as planning and operational responsibilities.

Koltai oversaw the set-up and start of production at the plant located in the municipality of San Jose Chiapa, Puebla. The plant, which started production at the end of 2016, makes the Q5 SUV exclusively and exports around 95% of its output worldwide.

Audi said it would be announcing Koltai’s replacement as director of production control and logistics at Audi Mexico at a later date.


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