Austrian premium leather producer builds US$ 20 million plant in Guanajuato

Austrian premium leather producer builds US$ 20 million plant in Guanajuato

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Wollsdorf Leder, an Austria-based producer of premium leather, announced plans to build a tannery in Leon, Guanajuato aimed to expand its offering for the automotive, aerospace and high-quality furniture markets.

The 28,500 square-meter facility will be located in the “Parque Piel” industrial park, where a wide leather industry is already established, from small to large tanneries, as well as the chemical supplies required for their processes.

The building is expected to be ready in July for the equipment to be installed immediately after. The inauguration is scheduled for next November with test runs beginning in early 2019.

CEO Andreas Kindermann revealed to local media that the company plans to hire 200 employees to produce 5,000 leather pieces per week, but that figure eventually will increase of 15,000 pieces.

"We are at the top of capacity in Austria, if we want to grow sales we have to invest, our customers are all over the world," he explained.

Kindermann said that a US$ 20 million budget has been allocated for this project. However, MexicoNOW  has learned through Wollsdorf Leder legal advisors, that the investment may increase to US$ 49 million in case more production capacity is needed.

According to the official, 75% of its output will head to the automotive sector, where Lamborghini and Jaguar are among its customers, 20% will be destined to furniture and about 5% to the luxury nautical and aeronautical sectors. 

Founded in 1932, Wollsdorf Leder has established itself as an experienced and successful producer of high-quality leather for premium automotive, furniture, trains, marine and aviation industries.

The company was the first European leather producer to receive the EN IOS 9001 quality certificate in 1993.

In 2000 Wollsdorf Leder became the first leather producer in the world to be awarded the ISO/TS 16949 quality certificate and was also EN 9100 certified in 2007. The result of the efforts is a range of exclusive leathers that meet the high expectations of customers all over the world.

Environmental protection and sustainability also play an important role at the company. As early as 1997, it became the first European leather producer to be awarded the environmental certificate EN ISO 14001 for its efforts to implement nature-friendly policies, which has been re-issued annually ever since.


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