Auto sales in Mexico drop 6% in June adding up 13 months in a row of declines

Auto sales in Mexico drop 6% in June adding up 13 months in a row of declines

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Auto dealers in Mexico sold 119,713 vehicles in June, a figure 6% lower than same month of 2017. This is the thirteenth month in a row with sales decline in a country where a sense of uncertainty caused by the Presidential election and the renegotiation of NAFTA has battered the consumers’ confidence.

Sales from January through June totaled 680,699 units, which represents an 8.4% drop compared to the same six-month period of 2017. This figure, however, is in line with a forecast by the Mexican Association of Auto Dealers (AMDA), which predicts total sales of 1.45 million vehicles by the end of year.

Nissan, the best-selling brand in Mexico with a 22.6% market share on a year-to-date basis, saw its sales sink 15.6% to 26,074 vehicles. Its sales in the first half of the year totaled 153,822 units, representing a 16.2% decrease. Its premium brand Infiniti didn’t share the parent company’s fate, although its sales in June totaled just 188 units, such figure represents 13.3% boost compared to same month of 2017. Its year-to-date sales are now of 1,047 Infiniti vehicles, 6% up compared to the first half of last year.

General Motors, second best-selling automaker in Mexico with a 15.3% market share, posted a marginal gain of 0.2% on June sales of 21,314 cars and light trucks. Its year-to-date sales totaled 104,129 units which represents a 15.5% drop.

Volkswagen, ranking third place with a 13.8% market share, posted a 24.6% drop in sales of 15,657 units. Year-to-date sales by the German automaker totaled 94,027 vehicles, down 18.9%. Volkswagen sales figures include those of its Audi, Porsche and Seat brands.

Toyota sold 8,698 vehicles in June for a 10.8% hike. The Japanese automaker remained as the fourth best-selling brand in Mexico with a 7.6% market share. Its year-to-date sales totaled 51,948 units, which represents a 1.2% increase compared to the first half of 2017.

KIA, fifth best-selling brand in the country with a 6.7% market share, saw its sales drop for the first time in June since it entered the Mexican market totaling 7,353 vehicles, 1% less than last year. However, the Korean automaker’s year-to-date sales totaled 45,468 vehicles, which represents a 10.7% hike. 

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, which holds a 6.4% market share, sold 7,824 vehicles in June, 2.3% down compared to same month of the previous year. Its year-to-date sales dropped 9.7% to 43,710 units.

Honda posted a drop 0.7% to 7,147 vehicles, while its year-to-date deliveries were of 43,528 units, 0.5% down. Honda figures do not include those of its premium brand Acura, which sold 161 vehicles in June and totaled 831 in the first half of 2018, representing drops of 9% and 18.7% respectively.

Ford Motor Co. (5.2% market share) sold 6,104 units in June for total year-to-date sales of 35,602 vehicles, representing decreases of 8.4% and 11.2% respectively. Ford figures do not include those of its Lincoln brand, which marketed 150 units last month for total year-to-date sales of 977 vehicles, figures that represent double-digit hikes of 70.5% and 34.2% respectively.

Mazda sales increased 2.7% in June to 4,562 vehicles. Its year-to-date sales of 26,293 units represent a 4.7% gain in the first half of 2018.

Unlike its sister brand KIA, Hyundai posted a two-digit increase of 16.6% to 4,317 vehicles. Its year-to-date sales totaled 24,636 cars and SUVs, representing a 19.8% hike.

In the premium market the mood of consumers did not reflect the uncertainty from the overall population, as shown in the figures from BMW, which posted a 20.5% hike in sales of 1,871 vehicles. Its year-to-date sales were of 9,542 vehicles for a 21.3% boost.

Mercedes-Benz also saw its monthly sales hike 18.7% to 1,685 vehicles, for total year-to-date sales of 9,188 units, 9% up. It’s worth noting that the German automaker does not report sales of certain high-end SUVs since November 2012 concerning security reasons.

Audi, on the other hand, sold 1,188 cars and SUVs for total year-to-date sales of 6,943 units, representing declines of 13.9% and 0.5% respectively.


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