Auto sales in Mexico drop to 2015 levels during February

Auto sales in Mexico drop to 2015 levels during February

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Auto dealers in Mexico sold during February a total of 103,679 light vehicles, which means a decrease of 5.5% over the same month a year earlier, reported the National Institute of Statistics and Geography (INEGI).

It is the lowest sales figure in Mexico since May 2015, when 102,156 units were marketed. Year-to-date sales in the first two months of the year are 214,891 units and represent a 1.9% drop. 

In this regard, the deputy general director of the Mexican Association of Auto Dealers (AMDA), Guillermo Rosales, said the result is attributable to “the slowdown in economic activity since December and the uncertainty of investors regarding the prospects of the Mexican economy,” among other factors.

In terms of volume, Nissan remains way ahead as the best-selling brand in the country with 22,724 vehicles sold in February and 46,039 throughout the year, which represents a 21.4% market share. However, both sales figures are 10.1% and 10.9% lower respectively compared to their equal periods from a year ago.

Nissan figures do not include those of its premium brand Infiniti, whose sales dropped 34.2% to 131 units in February. Infiniti year-to-date sales totaled 262 vehicles, which represents a 32.5% decline.

General Motors, second best-selling brand in the country with a 15.3% market share, saw its sales decline 4% to 14,754 units in February. Its year-to-date sales are now of 32,976 vehicles, a 36.4% hike compared to same period of 2017.

Volkswagen, which ranks third on a 13.5% share, posted a 7% decline on February sales of 14,168 units including those of its subsidiaries SEAT, Porsche, Audi and Bentley. Year-to-date sales of the German group are now of 29,089 vehicles, down 8.4%.

Toyota, fourth best-selling brand in Mexico with a market share of 8%, posted flat results on sales of 8,148 vehicles, four units less than a year before. The Japanese automaker’s sales for January and February totaled 17,112 vehicles, which represents a 1.8% decrease.

KIA reaffirmed its position as the fifth best-selling brand in the country with a market share of 7.3%, just above Honda’s 6.3% share. Sales of the Korean brand increased 1.2% in February to 7,703 units. Its year-to-date sales totaled 15,713 vehicles, which represents a 1.1% jump.

Honda posted a sales decline of 5.9% to 6,672 units, while its year-to-date sales were of 13,620 vehicles, a 12% drop compared to same period of 2017. Honda sales do not include those of its luxury brand Acura, which posted a 30.2% hike on sales of 164 units. Acura year-to-date sales totaled 322 units, representing an 11.8% increase.

FCA sales declined 16.5% in to 5,918 cars and light trucks. Year-to-date sales totaled 12,630 vehicles, down 13.5%. 

Mazda, currently eighth best-selling brand in the country with a 4.7% share, posted February sales of 5,036 vehicles, which represents a 15.7% hike due in part to the successful launch of its next-gen Mazda3. Year-to-date sales of the Japanese automaker totaled 10,158 units for a 11.9% gain.

Among major brands Ford posted the steepest sales decline, one of 20.3% on sales of 4,848 vehicles. On a year-to-date basis its sales dropped 21.1% to 9,856 units. Those figures do not include sales of its luxury brand Lincoln, which posted an 19.4% decline of 141 units. Lincoln’s year-to-date sales are now of 278 vehicles, which represents a 22.8% drop compared to last year.

The top ten ranking ends with Hyundai, whose sales declined 10% in February to 3,606 units. Meanwhile, its year-to-date sales decreased 6.3% to 7,316 vehicles. 

In the premium segment BMW leads the ranking on sales of 1,509 vehicles during February and 3,162 units on a year-to-date basis, representing gains of 0.1% and 0.5% respectively. BMW sales do not include those of its Mini brand, which posted an increase of 3.8% on sales of 543 units. Year-to-date sales of Mini totaled 1,013 vehicles, which represents a 0.4% gain.

Mercedes-Benz follows really close on February sales of 1,538 vehicles which represents a 19.2% drop. Its year-to-date sales are now of 2,815 units, a 12% decline compared to same period of 2017. 

Audi sold 989 vehicles in February, which represents a steep decline of 13.5%. Its year-to-date sales of 1,805 units are 23.1% down.



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