Auto sales up 1.1% during May in Mexican market

Auto sales up 1.1% during May in Mexican market

Mexican auto dealers sold 122,916 vehicles during May, a 1.1% increase compared to the same month of 2016. Sales for the first five months of 2017 are up 4.8% compared to the same period a year before, totaling 615,641 units, according to the Mexican Auto Dealer Association (AMDA).

Nissan, the best-selling automaker in the country, reported 29,251 units sold in May, a 2.1% increase, which help it to retain a 24.8% market share.

General Motors sold 20,638 vehicles in May, down 14.9% from the previous year, ending with a 16.6% share of the market.

Volkswagen sold 19,080 units including its Audi, Seat and Porsche brands, the figure is 6.0% lower compared to May 2016. VW alone sold 15,465 vehicles, down 7.8% while keeping a 15.5% share of the market.

Toyota reported a strong performance in May with 8,719 vehicles sold, up 10%. The Japanese automaker ended up with a 7.1% market share.

FCA saw a 4.8% increase in its sales to 7,605 units and a 6.6% market share. Honda followed with 7,822 units, up 25.7% compared to a year before and a market share of 5.9%.

Kia keeps growing fast in the Mexican market and now holds the seventh place by units sold with 7,406 vehicles, a 60.7% hike from the previous year. Kia’s market share in May was 5.5%.

Ford saw a 14.8% fall in sales during May to 6,539 units excluding the Lincoln brand. The Detroit-based automaker ended just behind Kia with a 5.4% share of the Mexican market.

Mazda sales were up 15.2% to 4,209 units, followed by Hyundai, which sold 3,558 vehicles, up 14.1%. Shares in the Mexican market for each brand are 3.4% and 2.7% respectively.

The premium segment saw a strong competition among the three best-selling brands with Mercedes-Benz leading to 1,400 units, up 19.1%, followed by Audi with 1,356 vehicles sold, a 4.1% gain, and BMW totaling 1,305 vehicles sold, a 17.6% increase.


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