Automotive cluster will invest US$15 million in electric cars

Automotive cluster will invest US$15 million in electric cars

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MEXICO STATE   The cluster of the automotive industry in the State of Mexico, will invest around US$15 million to build a classroom that pays for the preparation of specialized engineers in the development of electric car components.

In an interview, Gunther Barajas, president of the Cluster, said that said investment seeks to create knowledge and attract the companies that produce these high-value components for electric cars.

According to the specialist, in Mexico only basic components such as harnesses are manufactured, while computers and batteries are produced in other countries, due to a lack of intellectual development.

Thus, within the framework of the new USMCA, this will be an investment opportunity.

He explained that time is short to prepare skilled labor because it requires certifications, which sometimes take time.

"We want Mexico to be one of the leaders of auto parts, and a leader in talent generation for the industry, now the development of talent is more important," he said.

The specialized classroom will be developed at the Autonomous University of the State of Mexico in Toluca, in the faculty of engineering

Source: El Heraldo