Automotive Industry Manufacturing in Mexico: Challenges for Growth

Automotive Industry Manufacturing in Mexico: Challenges for Growth’s latest Audio Interview “Automotive Industry Manufacturing in Mexico: Challenges for Growth” features Juan Vazquez.  Mr. Vazquez is the Director of Global Strategy with NAI Mexico, part of the NAI Global network, a leading industrial and commercial real estate advisory firm.  For 10 years, Juan was the Project Manager for Toyota manufacturing where his main responsibilities included the identification of ideal locations of their assembly plants in Tijuana and Guanajuato, as well as conduct negotiations of government incentives. In 2005, he was appointed Managing Director of Index Nacional (the Mexico maquiladora mfg association), and was instrumental in the talks at the domestic and international level regarding the now enacted USMCA treaty.

In the 11-minute Audio Interview, Mr. Vazquez discuss these questions:

  • In your experience, having worked for a government agency attracting automotive investment into Mexico, working for a large automotive company such as Toyota, developing their manufacturing footprint in Mexico, heading INDEX the maquiladora business organization in Mexico for several years, and now as a site selection and real estate consultant for a global firm, How would you describe Mexico's automotive industry in recent years and where is it heading to?
  • How does nearshoring play a role in Mexico's Automotive industry's near future?
  • In regards to assembly plants and new players in Mexico, what can we expect in the next few months and years?
  • What are the main challenges that the Automotive Industry will face in Mexico in the short term?
  • What would your advice be to any company that is currently looking into Mexico for their first manufacturing operation?