Automotive industry pushes to renew Foundry

A new foundry enterprise has opened in Mexico every three months over the last five years. Now, this sector is facing other challenges, such as being flexible and increasing the variety of metal, specially for its primary client: the automotive industry. According to data from the U.S. International Trade Commission, light vehicles and vans represent purchases of up to 39% of the gray iron, 50% of the nodular iron and 73% of the aluminum production; while heavy vehicles represent purchases of 18% of the gay iron and 17% of the nodular iron production. The President of the American Foundry Society, Patricio Gil, assured that some of the main challenges for the foundry industry are growth and investment investment, development and retention of talent, increasing the flexibility in operations, reducing the response times to clients, accelerating the new pieces’ development process, acquiring more capacity to produce different alloys and learning to use alloys from junk.