Automotive Lighting to generate 758 new jobs in Juarez

Automotive Lighting to generate 758 new jobs in Juarez

CITY OF JUAREZ — The Marelli Automotive Lighting company will begin this 2020 with an expansion project that includes the start-up of 22 production lines and will generate a total of 758 new jobs for the City of Juarez.

Michael Portie, the company's operations manager, explained that the company recently acquired a building where Bosch operated, located on Hermanos Escobar Avenue, where they will install machinery for sub-assembly, with the intention of tripling the production of headlights and vehicle lights.

"We are starting this expansion that is very important for us, because we currently have 3.5 million modules a year and as of 2021, the intention is that we reach more than 7.3 million," he said.

The building consists of an area of ​​10,450 square meters and is expected to begin with the first production works in approximately 10 weeks, while the project would be completed during the second half of the year, according to direct reports from the company.