Automotive sector creates the best paid jobs in 4 out of 6 Mexican regions

Human capital firm Adecco Mexico revealed that automotive salaries are among the highest compared to other sectors in four out of six regions in Mexico. 

According to Adecco’s report, auto industry pays higher than others in Central (Bajio), Northeast, Western Coast and Southeast. The automotive sector was outpaced by other industries only in Mexico City and the Northwest region.

For its Salary Guide 2017, Adecco Mexico analyzed 58,857 profiles from January-December 2016 among 18 different types of industries over the six regions.

The study reviewed jobs and salaries in Construction, Automotive, Manufacturing, Metal mechanic, Banking, Marketing-Sales, Consulting, Logistics, Food Processing, Agri-food, Electronics, Hospitality, Information Technologies, Chemical, Petrochemical, Textile, Paper-Cardboard and Pharmaceutical industries.


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