Axa Mexico expands international insurance coverage

Axa Mexico expands international insurance coverage

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Axa Mexico launched two products to satisfy the need for major medical insurance covering oncological treatments, organ transplants, bone marrow, stem cells, cancer, among other studies.

Axa Mexico signed an alliance with the French firm Global Benefits Group (GBG) to offer two insurances: Globalmex Premium and Globalmex Executive, which will allow residents of Mexico to purchase health insurance nationally and internationally.

Ruben Yesin, Deputy Director of Health Commercial Strategy of Axa Mexico, explained that for a 35 year old person, the cost of this type of coverage ranges between 1,720 and US$4,914 per year.

The insurance can be covered by monthly, bimonthly, semi-annual or annual payments, as the cost increases with age.

"Axa Mexico decided to expand its offer of medical and hospital care, offering a policy that will allow care inside and outside the country if it’s necessary," said Yesin.

According to data from Asociación Mexicana de Instituciones de Seguros (AMIS), the highest foreign illness paid for by the national insurance sector had a value of US$4.4 million for a blood cell disease and cancer of white blood cells in 2016.