Baja Businesses File for Protection Against Health Tax

Baja Businesses File for Protection Against Health Tax

BAJA CALIFORNIA – More than 10,000 businesses across all sectors in Baja California signed an application for a federal injunction, known as an amparo, hoping to protect themselves from a new proposed health tax and law, according to Adolfo Solís Farías, the tax attorney for the Business Coordinating Council (CCE).

The Baja California state legislature is considering a new tax on businesses they say would help authorities enforce new COVID-19 sanitary measures, such as checking if maquiladoras are providing enough space for employees to maintain 6-feet of distance.

A coalition of business organizations have announced their strong opposition to the proposed regulations and tax. Carlos Ibarra, the president of the CCE in Baja California, said the new fee will sink businesses struggling amid the pandemic.

Solís Farías, who has a doctorate in law, said the state government’s proposal is unconstitutional and will cause job losses and more economic contraction.

Miguel Ángel Badiola, the president of the Canirac Estatal, said the restaurant industry is already over-regulated. Restaurants already have to comply with 17 different permits just to operate. During coronavirus closures, the restaurant industry lost 10,000 jobs, he said.

As part of the new health law and tax, state leaders have proposed that businesses closed because of the coronavirus pandemic must apply for and obtain a new license certifying they comply with new health standards before reopening.

Source: Border Now August 2020 edition