Baja California Sur leads in industrial activity growth

Baja California Sur leads in industrial activity growth

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The state of Baja California Sur was the entity with the most significant increase in its industrial activity, with a 70.7% increase shown in April 2018, compared to the same period of the previous year.

The expansion of the industrial sector as well as tourism helped this growth––the state is reported to be one of the entities with the greatest tourist participation. The economic dynamic in the state has also required the installation and extension of industrial complexes, besides being one of the entities that in recent years has attracted more investment. The Quarterly Indicator of State Economic Activity (ITAEE), indicated that until the second quarter of the year, Baja California Sur is the entity with the highest economic growth, situations that matches with the increase of its industrial activity.

According to the National Institute of Statistics and Geography (Inegi), industrial activity in Baja California Sur has registered double-digit expansion for 11 consecutive months. Other states that are growing in the industry are Sinaloa (20%), San Luis Potosí (15.2%), Michoacán (12.5%) and Quintana Roo (11.7%).

Sinaloa showed a 7.3% growth in the manufacturing industry in April. The electric power generation, transmission and distribution industries increased 7.9% and the electricity, water supply and gas industries increased 5.5%.

The economic activity generated by the manufacturing sector was the most important factor for the industrial dynamic in San Luis Potosí, which showed an increase of 17.7% in the fourth month at an annual rate. The activity led by the operations of the electric power generation sector and that of the electricity and water and gas supply industries also recorded growths of 9.2% and 8.3% respectively. 

The dynamism of the industrial activity in Michoacán is mainly due to the behavior of the manufacturing industry, which showed a 2.2% growth in April.

In Quintana Roo, the sector that registered the best results was the generation, transmission and distribution of electric power, which grew 8% at an annual rate, followed by the electrical industries and water and gas supply by pipelines (7.6%), and finally, the manufacturing sector, which presented a growth of 7.5%.

Out of the 32 states, however, 16 presented declines in their economic activity; the biggest one being Chiapas with 20.6% decrease. This could mean that there does not exist a good dynamic between industries in this region.

The other states with economic declines in April in relation to 12 months ago were Sonora (8.8%), Coahuila (7.8%), Hidalgo (7.7%), Chihuahua (7%), Durango (6.6%), Nayarit (6.6%), Campeche (6%), Morelos (5.5%), Tlaxcala (4.4%), Guanajuato (3.9%), Querétaro (3.9%), Puebla (3.7%), Tabasco (3.5), Zacatecas (2.3%), and Colima (1.2%).