Bars reopen in Tijuana

Bars reopen in Tijuana

TIJUANA – Bars in Tijuana are being allowed to reopen provided they meet and adhere to health protocols like social distancing to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

“I want to say this again very clearly, a bar or restaurant bar, anywhere where adults gather must follow the guidelines or it will be closed immediately,” said Alonso Pérez Rico, Baja California’s minister of Health.

Some are speaking out against the move and wondering why schools and daycare centers aren’t being allowed to reopen like the bars.

“As for daycare centers, schools, places where people stay are of the highest risk since it means lots of foot traffic especially in areas where children congregate,” Pérez Rico said.

Pérez Rico went on to say closed-in areas such as classroom carry a much greater epidemiological risk, although he did mention 68 daycare centers are being considered for reopening around the city of Tijuana provided they meet health protocols and operate at 50% capacity.

Source: Border Report