Bayer invests US$15 million in Veracruz

Bayer invests US$15 million in Veracruz

ORIZABA, VER - Bayer invested US$15 million in its Veracruz plant to expand production of the active substance needed to produce Yasmin brand contraceptives.

The inauguration of a new production module for Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API's) is part of the 60th anniversary of this plant, where the company produces the active substances, which are made from hormones, needed to produce contraceptives.

From here, the company will send the powdered active ingredient to its plant in Germany, where the final process for contraceptive pills is performed.

Manuel Bravo, president and CEO of Bayer in Mexico, said that this plant is part of the company's global supply chain.

"Bayer has a network of intermediate asset plants, three of which are in Germany, one in Spain and the one in Veracruz, which is the only one in the Americas," he says.

The executive explained that Bayer has invested close to US$42 million in this plant, an amount that includes this latest expansion, which will generate close to 60 new jobs.

This plant, which the company acquired in 2007, also produces ampoules, pre-filled syringes, ovules, suppositories and tablets used in hormone, antifungal and anti-inflammatory treatments.

The executive reiterated that by 2025, the company will invest US$395 million in Mexico, of which 15% will be allocated to the Orizaba plant, in addition to doubling production at its biologics plant in Tlaxcala, as well as at the Lerma plant, where it manufactures over-the-counter drugs such as aspirin.

The company began its operations in Mexico with the production of Aspirin by five people. One hundred years later, Bayer has 5,000 employees distributed in the corporate headquarters, ten production plants and ten research centers.