Bendix doubles manufacturing capabilities through Mexico plant expansion

To support increasing customer demand for its high-performing solenoid valves and assembled manifolds, Bendix has doubled manufacturing capabilities of the components through production line expansion and improvement at its Acuña manufacturing campus, in Coahuila. With a US$1.5 million investment bridging 2015 and 2016, Bendix added a new low-flow solenoid production line and a new manifold line to its high-tech assembly facilities, increasing capacity as well as offering custom ordering and just-in-time delivery. The solenoid and manifold production improvements further Bendix’s development of the high-tech production capabilities of its Acuña facility, following up on a US$4.6 million investment and the October 2016 launch of an advanced driver control module (DCM) assembly line. Other manufacturing operations at the campus include antilock braking systems, air dryers, compressors, actuators, and remanufactured components. The campus’ three state-of-the-art facilities constitute one of Bendix’s fastest-growing manufacturing sites, encompassing 412,000 square feet and employing nearly 1,400 workers.