Bendix ramps up actuators production at Acuna, Coahuila facility

Bendix ramps up actuators production at Acuna, Coahuila facility

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Bendix Commercial Vehicle Systems has achieved production milestones across four production facilities to meet increasing market demand, the company reported in a statement. Among those manufacturing sites ramping up production is the Acuna, Coahuila, plant, where the company produces brake actuators for commercial vehicles.

“In a testament to production growth, Bendix is setting new company benchmarks for numbers of remanufactured brake shoes, air disc brakes, actuators, and vibration engine dampers produced,” said Carlos Hungria, Bendix chief operating officer.

This growth is contributing to what is expected to be the highest volume year for actuators since they began production in Bendix’s Acuna, Coahuila, manufacturing facility in December 2010. The operation is on pace to produce an average of 8,300 actuators per day, a 10% increase over the 2016 number of 7,600.

“With Bendix being the leading producer of air disc brakes (ADB) for commercial vehicles in North America, the increasing market adoption of ADB translates into production growth for Bendix air disc brake actuators,” said Jackie Perez, plant manager of the Acuna operation. “The concerted effort of every team member is the reason our production facility can answer the market’s call for more and more actuators.”

In addition, Perez noted, increasing numbers of aftermarket customers are also turning to the Bendix EverSure Spring Brake, as they seek better performing foundation drum brake products at competitive prices.

“So often, an aftermarket user of a spring brake will look for the lowest cost option,” she said, “but the lowest cost option in a spring brake almost always equals the lowest performance and life.”

Bendix expects its actuator production growth to endure, as the take-rate of air disc brakes and the number of customers turning to Bendix EverSure continue to increase, and the company acts on other major opportunities across all actuator product lines.


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