BMW 3 Series to feature level 3 self-driving features

BMW 3 Series to feature level 3 self-driving features

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The BMW 3 Series will be the first level three autonomous sedan to be produced in Mexico, due in part to a Microsoft system that incorporates intelligent handling with personal assistance and collision prevention, a pioneer in its category, said Robert Engelhorn, plant director in Munich, Germany, during a media event.

It can drive without hands on the steering wheel at 60 kilometers per hour, brake to avoid a collision, warn about the passage of cyclists, park itself and travel a reverse road through which it has passed.

For its part, Heidi Bock, director of Digital Product, explained that Microsoft's operating system 7.0 allows the configuration of the sedan works through voice, without touching buttons. It is like a travel assistant who learns the tastes and routines of the driver.

For instance, by saying “I'm tired” the system activates the air conditioning, changes the color of the interior light and monitors the environment to know how to respond to certain unforeseen events.

“Series 3 will not only be the best-selling vehicle of the brand, but the smartest of the BMW family,” said Bock.

Production of the 3 Series will begin in the first quarter of 2019 at the new BMW plant in San Luis Potosi, central Mexico. An opening ceremony is expected at the beginning of June.



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