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The construction of the plant that BMW builds in San Luis Potosi reports an advance of 87% to the month of February, with an approximate of 900 employees already hired, company executives revealed in recent days.

The officials said that the project advances right on time as they’re currently in the installation phase of the equipment that performs the welding process in the bodies. The tests for these processes will be carried out at the end of this month.

Antonio González, Buying Planner and Supply Chain director of the BMW plant in San Luis Potosi, added that months before the operations begin, the company has 170 suppliers installed in Mexico, which already supply components to other plants, mainly to the facility in Spartanburg, South Carolina. However, by the time the San Luis Potosi plant starts operations in 2019, that number will increase to 200.

The official said that the 30 companies that will arrive in the coming months will not necessarily be installed in San Luis Potosi, but will probably operate from other states. Gonzalez added that the assembly plant has specifically attracted 20 new automotive suppliers to the state since its construction began.


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