BMW plant triggers US$ 398 million investments in San Luis Potosi

BMW plant triggers US$ 398 million investments in San Luis Potosi

Since the announcement of its construction in 2014, the BMW plant in San Luis Potosi has triggered foreign investments in the state for US$ 398 million from auto suppliers, according to data by El Financiero.

In recent days, the newspaper interviewed Eduardo Nunez, purchasing manager for the German firm in Mexico, who said suppliers currently develop 39 facilities in the central state to meet the premium automaker needs. 

“We have more than 20 years buying parts in Mexico, more than 100 suppliers produce for us (for all our plants in the world) and that’s why we continue to grow. We see enormous potential for suppliers in the North American region. Many OEMs have been here for years and that helps the supply chain development,” Nunez said.

He added “we now make purchases in Mexico for two and a half billion dollars to suppliers, but with the expansion of the plant in the United States and construction in San Luis PotosĂ­ we will double the number of suppliers that attend us and we expect that similar growth in purchases”.

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