BMW reports workforce of 1,800 strong ready to start operations at San Luis Potosi plant

BMW reports workforce of 1,800 strong ready to start operations at San Luis Potosi plant

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Just a few weeks away from opening, BMW has already a workforce of 1,800 strong ready to start operations at its new plant in San Luis Potosi, local media reported on recent days.

The Mexican “battalion” currently works to adjust every detail emerged from the preproduction phase in order to begin the production stage in early March, just days before the seventh generation of the 3 Series sedan will start arriving to show rooms around the globe.

According to company officials, the facility will start operations with 2,000 workers, of which the remaining 200 recruits are still in their final phase of training at other company plants.

Spokespersons at the plant held a press conference with local media in San Luis Potosí in recent days to inform that the schedule of operations has not been affected either by the shortage of gasoline registered weeks ago in the central region of the country, nor by the railroad blockades in Michoacán.

As in other recent cases, the official start-up of operations of the plant will take place two months later, by early June, with an opening ceremony for which the presence of BMW CEO Harald KrĂĽger is already confirmed. However, the plant will already be sourcing 3 Series sedans to global markets by then.

It’s worth noting that officials from both the company and federal government have already mention to Mexican media that BMW has already plans to make additional investments in the country, as reported by Milenio columnist Bárbara Anderson. However, whether those projects will be focused to manufacturing or distribution (Mexico is one of the fastest growing markets for BMW around the world) is yet to be seen.



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