Bombardier looking for new niches

Aircraft manufacturer Bombardier will look to open a new market segment in Mexico, selling special-purpose aircraft (search and rescue, equipment transportation, transportation, intelligence and vigilance). Alfredo Nolasco, Bombardier’s chief representative in Mexico, said that they have already scheduled meetings with federal and state authorities to offer this product, for which they would develop a service chain focusing on special-purpose aircraft. He said that many associates in cluster of Queretaro, Chihuahua, Baja California, Sonora and Nuevo Leon, which are already well-established and certified, could supply the special equipment and materials. Stephane Villeneuve, VP of Bombardier, said that they will use the meetings with the federal government to assess regard to special missions. “The working base for this program will be our Challenger aircraft, a certified product that gives Bombardier an advantage over other military projects, which will probably spend up to ten years in development”, Villeneuve said.