Boosted by gas prices, Mexican Inflation quadrupled in January

The inflation in Mexico during January 2017 quadrupled if compared to the same period of last year´s and reached 1.7%, the highest figure in the last decade, according to the National Institute of Statistics, Geography, and Informatics (INEGI).

The gasoline, liquefied petroleum gas, and lemon prices had the highest hike. Low–octane gasoline increased 16.81%, while the high-octane did 21.73%. The hike in liquefied petroleum gas was 21.73%. The price of the lemon was 34.32%.

The Mexican northern border cities registered the highest inflation in the nation. Acuña had the highest with a 3.6%

INEGI reported the annual inflation was 4.72%, higher than the goal stablished by Mexico’s Central Bank. In 2016, the annual inflation was 2.61%

Nancy Gonzalez/MexicoNow

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