Border economy still in flux due to COVID-19

Border economy still in flux due to COVID-19

EL PASO, TX – Even as the COVID-19 pandemic keeps the border economy in flux, some sectors show signs of recovery.

Incoming commercial truck traffic is trending up at Southern New Mexico’s Santa Teresa Port of Entry, where electronic components and computer parts are the main import, according to the Hunt Institute for Global Competitiveness.

“More people are teleworking, doing remote education and more telehealth, so there is more potential need for electronic products,” said Myrna Maldonado, the institute’s interim director.

Monthly commercial traffic at the border crossing was up 6.3% in September, while it remained nearly stagnant (a 0.9% increase) at El Paso’s commercial ports of entry, the institute’s November Economic Indicator Review shows.

“El Paso’s ports of entry have been slower to recover, being they field not only shipments of electronics but also auto parts, the latter a sector hard hit by supply-chain disruptions due to the pandemic, “Maldonado said.

And up until COVID-19 cases spiked again in October and the governor of New Mexico ordered non-essential business shutdowns in November, the city of Las Cruces led the region with 2,200 jobs gained. Juarez, Mexico also saw a fourth consecutive month of job growth through the end of September.

Source: Border Report