Bosch’s footprint will continue to grow in Juarez 

Bosch’s footprint will continue to grow in Juarez 

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The German company Robert Bosch will continue to expand its footprint in Juarez.

“We are growing a 10% per year,” said Friedrich Dreier, technical plant manager for Bosch in Ciudad Juarez. “Our plants will grow in 2017 and afterward Bosch might plan a new facility since we do not want a huge building because it is too expensive to manage.”

The workforce at Bosch Juarez will also increase and by the end of 2017, the company forecasted 500 new jobs to a total staff of 4,500.

Recently, Bosch Juarez started operations in its 203 building to manufacture the sensors that allow airbags to open when needed. These sensors will be supplied to Ford, Chrysler and Nissan, the company informed.

This US$160 million facility allowed the company to add new production lines, a cafeteria, and a technical education center.

“We are just missing a few details of the new facility, it will be up and running at its 100% soon,” Dreier expressed.

Ciudad Juarez has the biggest electronic control device manufacturing plant for Bosch in North America. 

The company has several manufacturing plants in Juarez. Each plant manufactures different products, most of them related to automotive electronics.

The German company has a catalogue of more than 50 products manufactured in Juarez, some of them include: sensors, distance control units, anti-blocking system devices, electrical power steering control, sunroof motors and window lifters. Officials said new products might be manufactured soon in the Juarez facilities.

Nancy Gonzalez/MexicoNow

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