Bosch will invest US$80 million to build in Queretaro

Bosch announced an US$80 million investment to build a new plant in Queretaro, where steering shafts and their components will be produced. The Company decided to build this new factory in order to increase their manufacturing capacities in North America and cater to this market. The factory is expected to start operations around the end of 2017, and 600 associates will be employed by 2019, once the factory has reached its full capacity. Likewise, Robert Bosch Mexico has two devices in the market to help reduce out pour of pollutants by diesel-powered vehicles. The first device is a filter that traps up to 90% of the soot released by diesel trucks or vans. The second device is a diesel to natural gas converter, which reduces up to 22% carbon dioxide and nitrous oxide emissions, as these gases are the main culprits of the Greenhouse Effect.