Brembo to supply brakes for Tesla from Mexican plant

Brembo to supply brakes for Tesla from Mexican plant

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Tesla president and CEO, Daniel Sandberg, announced that Brembo is ready to supply brakes to plant located in California from it new production site in Mexico, helping to reduce costs and delivery time. 

The Italian brakes manufacturer inaugurated last month its US$ 36 million aluminum calipers plant  in Escobedo, Nuevo Leon. The 377,000 square foot plant will produce 2 million aluminum calipers annually and add more than US$ 100 million in sales a year, the company adds. Additionally, the facility will create about 500 new jobs.

The company also announced it will invest an additional US$ 95 million to build a new foundry for cast iron discs located next door to the calipers plant.

Nowadays the company works provides brakes for global giants such as General Motors, Ford, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Audi, BMW, and Mercedes Benz, as well for some well-known racing teams competing in Formula One such as Red Bull and Mercedes AMG.

The new Mexican plant not only manufactures calipers, but also produces electric parking brakes and handbrakes for Tesla. The latter are composed of 50 pieces and measure 25 centimeters long. The innovative Tesla designed handbrakes are not activated by means of lever, like those in tradional vehicles, but by means of a button.

Production manager Mauricio Villa reported that the premium brand brakes are made of aluminum alloy, lighter than those made of iron and can be painted, which stands out through the wheel in the assembled car. For example, those that are manufacturing in the new Brembo plant for Tesla are red.

It is expected that the integration of smelter and the assembly plant will produce profits for the company over US$ 100 million dollars a year.


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