BMTS Technology invests US$100 million in Coahuila

BMTS Technology invests US$100 million in Coahuila

RAMOS ARIZPE — BMTS Technology, a German manufacturer of turbochargers for cars and trucks made  an investment of US$100 million and inaugurated its new facility in Ramos Arizpe in an event led by the minister of Government of Coahuila, José María Fraustro Siller.

“These new investments do not only create jobs, but also benefit the workforce specialization, the increase in productivity and the creation of better working conditions,” said Fraustro Siller, on behalf of Governor Miguel Riquelme.

 Gunter Semeja, general director BMTS Europe, stated that if the company has the support of authorities and the right conditions for global growth, they expect to have a 2 million turbochargers production for North and South America.

 On the other hand, the mayor of Ramos Arizpe, José María Morales Padilla, welcomed authorities and businessmen, and highlighted the teamwork done by the municipality and the state in order to attract investment and generate well-paid jobs.

 Source: El Economista