Business, Civic Leaders Launch Juarez Competitiva Movement

Business, Civic Leaders Launch Juarez Competitiva Movement

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Event to Show World Resurgence of Globally-Competitive Region

In the pursuit of peace and the hopes of ending the violence that has plagued their city, business and civic leaders in Ciudad Juarez have declared Oct. 13 through Oct. 28, 2011 as launch of the "rebirth" of the Juarez Competitiva movement.

These two weeks focuses on this city's effort to regain the belief, trust and dynamic quality of life once enjoyed by the 1.5 million Juarenses, according to Carlos Chavira, chairman of Juarez Competitiva.

"The Juarez we envision will become the head of the binational metropolitan region, a socially-integrated place with a high quality of life. We see this as a center of educational excellence and cultural creation with a thriving economy highly capable of generating quality employment and wealth among its citizens," Chavira said.

He pointed out that this event will also show to the world all that Ciudad Juarez produces as a major global economic force, with a strong emphasis on world-class manufacturing.

"Our people have designed a program that each day will showcase the economic drivers behind the Paso del Norte region which includes El Paso, Las Cruces and Juarez as economic partners."

Chavira added that Juarez Competitiva plans to feature globally-recognized dignitaries and visionaries who will offer support, inspiration and entertainment in the name of peace and progress. First to accept the invitation to event is David Arkless, president and CEO of Manpower International, who has extensively studied the region and is one of the area's leading proponents.

For Juarenses, Juarez Competitiva has become a movement of unity, determination and pride as this city seeks to regaining respect from the world. "We are so proud that in just a few months, thousands of people from various sectors, from our children to our senior citizens have come forward and committed to the success of Juarez Competitiva," he added.

According to Chavira, the new Juarez state-of-the-art children's museum – La Rodadora – will host the majority of the 16-day event.

Chavira stated that a major concert for peace has been planned close the event on Oct. 28. "We are in contact with world-renowned artists. We will reveal names as they are confirmed."


Juarez Competitiva has announced plans for a day-long event to honor the automotive industry, this city's leading economic sector and employer. Those plans include participation by senior executives from the original equipment manufacturers (OEM's), as well as Tier-I suppliers.

Guillermo Gutierrez, executive director of AMAQ, the city's maquiladora association, reported that Oct. 19 has been designated as "Auto Industry Day" and will feature a wide-ranging display of products. A series of discussions and presentations led by the executives will outline industry trends and the demands of global competitiveness.

"We want to show the world why this industry has been successful with the contributions from Ciudad Juarez. Our very talented, dedicated and productive people have contributed to the competitiveness of these internationally-recognized world class products.

"More than 250 U.S. patents have been earned by inventors in Ciudad Juarez, with many more pending. One of our technical centers, Delphi's, previously earned the country's National Technology Award."

Gutierrez confirmed that his team has already begun the process to confirm participation of the executives. "At the same time, we are preparing to outline to them the economic, logistical and productivity advantages of establishing a vehicle assembly plant in our area. Our outstanding success as a Tier-I supply base offers additional proof as to the advantages of taking the next step and becoming a vehicle producer."

The auto industry began in this city in 1978 and has grown to a nearly $10 billion business, employing an estimated 60,000. Nearly 50 auto-related companies have operations in this city of more than 1.5 million, using billions of components annually that are built in the U.S. as well as Mexico.

He added that his Juarez Competitiva team has begun negotiations to have the national radio program "Autos en Imagen" broadcast live and cover the events of Oct. 19.


What began a half century ago with a few hundred people in a couple of small plants has emerged as an economic power with nearly 200,000 now working in more than 300 plants. In honor of their hard work and high productivity, Juarez Competitiva will recognize these people Oct. 27 during "Human Capital Day."

Xochitl Diaz, private-sector communications executive and chairperson for the day's events, said, "Human capital is what makes companies decide to stay, as well as locate in Juarez. It is what will make this city change and become recognized once more for all the right reasons."

She pointed out that the talent and creativity from the first plants in what were once cotton fields led hundreds of companies to establish in Ciudad Juarez. "This has given Mexico the ability to compete globally. This concept has been copied a thousand times in Mexico and around the world. Because of the leadership of these operations, dedicated Juarenses produce world-class quality and enable their country to compete with the most business-attractive countries for new businesses to set up shop here."

Diaz noted that the industrial sector in Ciudad Juarez has been a major contributor the last year's $71 billion in trade between the city and neighboring El Paso, Texas and southern New Mexico.

"This represented about 18 percent of total U.S. trade." According to Diaz, "Human Capital Day" plans call for "visionaries, intellectuals, and academicians to be here to here to meet with our residents. All these will help define the future development of human capital. The goal is that all Juarenses believe again in what Juarez has done and will be ready to do as a revitalized global economic leader. We want our children to emerge as tomorrow's leaders."

David Arkless, president and CEO of Manpower International immediately accepted his invitation to the event. He will deliver the keynote address and lead a panel of business and educational leaders.

Diaz noted that day will also recognize Juarenses who have taken their talents into global leadership positions. "We have people in NASA; we have people in executive positions in key global markets on all continents. We have people who serve as leaders and inventors the in Fortune 500 companies, and of course we have people with great talent who are staying here to help develop our city."

She added that the Oct. 27 day-long event features job and educational fairs, among other activities. "We will celebrate Juarense talent. We will recognize our children, our youth, our adults and those pioneers who changed the economic foundation of this region."

In addition, her group continues to make arrangements with the national television program Charlando con el Futuro to feature interviews with local university students on national television as part of Juarez Competitiva's desire to motivate younger people to continue their studies as well as celebrating for those working or looking to work today.