BYD plans to install its new plant in central Mexico

BYD plans to install its new plant in central Mexico

MEXICO - The technology and innovation company BYD, famous for its electric car manufacturing, has set its sights on central Mexico for the installation of the new car plant it wants to place in the country.

In an interview with Forbes, Ray Sou, president of BYD Mexico, said that the Chinese company is in talks with Mexican authorities to define the most convenient territory where they would install their new plant.

In these conversations, he added, the company is listening to the federal government's recommendations, while reviewing proposals from different Mexican entities interested in receiving the company.

However, according to Sou, BYD's interest in installing the plant in the center of the country is germinating for strategic reasons.

"We are looking to be close to the largest market we have in the country, which is the center of Mexico. That is why we would locate the new BYD plant very possibly in the center," said the executive.

When questioned about the qualities that the land that BYD needs to install a car factory must have, Sou explained that the area must offer availability of services.

"The land must have access to electricity, water and gas, and it must be located in an area with a labor force, because we will need to hire a lot of people," he explained.

According to statements previously made by BYD executives, since it began selling cars in the Mexican market, BYD highlighted that it saw in Mexico the potential to produce and export cars.