BYD seeks to consolidate in Mexico

BYD seeks to consolidate in Mexico

MEXICO - BYD "Build Your Dreams" is a company founded in 1995 in Shenzhen, China and today is present in Mexico.

Its main objective is to offer innovative and sustainable solutions in the field of electric mobility.

The company has 28 years of experience in industries related to electronics, automobiles, renewable energy and rail transit.

Jorge Vallejo, general director of BYD Mexico, told Líder Empresarial that it currently has more than 30 industrial parks in 6 continents.

"We basically focus on the acquisition, storage and application of energy, BYD offers new comprehensive energy solutions with zero emissions," he said.

This branch of BYD was founded in January 2003, following BYD Company's acquisition of Tsinchuan Automobile Company in 2002.

The company is relatively young and has a presence in the automotive, rail transit and heavy-duty transportation, as well as personnel transportation.

"BYD entered the automotive business in 2003 and began developing and creating battery technology, which has positioned itself as the best in the market," said Jorge Vallejo.

These batteries withstand large amounts of pressure and heat, which ensures that they do not have any situation that compromises the integrity of consumers.

The company builds the entire car technology, excluding tires and windshields.

Jorge Vallejo started a pilot program in the city of León in which he will travel around the country to reach distributors and consumers of BYD automobiles.

He explained that Mexico and Brazil have become vital markets to conquer the rest of Latin America.

"The company's annual growth rate is at 56%, we are number one in sales worldwide and of course we will be in Europe and in the Latin American market," he said.

Since his arrival at the helm of the company in Mexico, more than one million vehicles have been developed in three months.

For this year, the company expects to sell 50,000 units and to double the number every month. Last month, 60 units were sold in Leon.