CAINTRA renews its leadership in NL

CAINTRA renews its leadership in NL

NUEVO LEON - Máximo Vedoya was reelected as president of the Chamber of the Transformation Industry (CAINTRA) Nuevo León for the period 2024-2025.

In the framework of its 80th Anniversary, the Secretary of Economy of the Mexican Government, Raquel Buenrostro Sanchez, swore in the new board of directors of the Nuevo Leon CAINTRA, an event that was also attended by Governor Samuel Garcia.

During her speech, Vedoya highlighted the work of the Government of Nuevo Leon to promote the development of the state. He also said that the state's industry is committed to the energy transition by investing to mitigate the effects of climate change; and clarified that the issue of air quality in the state must be solved hand in hand with public and private companies, and federal and state authorities.

Vedoya indicated that Caintra joined PIGECA to improve the processes that help reduce the impact on air quality.

In his speech, Governor Garcia said that it is thanks to Nuevo Leon's industry that record investments are coming to Mexico. He said that the dynamics and the ecosystem that the industry has generated in Nuevo Leon, is what allows investments such as Tesla, KIA, Ternium to be always at the forefront.

Among the projects of the State of Nuevo León, he highlighted that with the participation of the Nuevo León Council for Strategic Planning, plans are being prepared in terms of digital transformation, basically to be able to carry out all government procedures from a Smartphone.

It is expected to bring to Nuevo León cybersecurity, a new operating model of technology and artificial intelligence, a single digital identity to avoid having to carry paperwork for each procedure, a single window for all processes, government intelligence platforms, among others to have artificial intelligence in a transversal way in all areas, directorates and government secretariats.