Canacintra forecasts an increase of job losses in Chihuahua

Canacintra forecasts an increase of job losses in Chihuahua

CHIHUAHUA —  “When labor activities in the industrial sector are resumed, there will be a significant loss of employment, as a result of the crisis generated by the Covid-19 pandemic,” said Jesús Manuel Salayandía Lara, local president of the National Chamber of Industry of the Transformation (Canacintra).

Just In the state of Chihuahua, 18,000 jobs were lost in April and, based on data recently provided by the Mexican Social Security Institute (Imss), 13,000 jobs correspond to Ciudad Juárez.

Index Juárez recently informed that approximately 50,000 sources of employment will be lost since several companies changed their production lines to other points outside the country, and they will hardly return to the border.

"People will return to activities in fear, because they are uncertain if that they are going back to an infected place. It will be a challenge for leaders to convince people they are safe and that they will be able to work through healthcare measures that are actually being implemented, "he said.

Salayandía Lara blamed the Government of Mexico stressing that it has not adequately managed the information to the population and has generated fear in the population.

"The authorities have no well handled the situation and people are involved in panic, so how do you convince them to return to their jobs? That is the great challenge," he said.

Source: Index noticias