Canada seeks Mexican talent

Canada seeks Mexican talent

MEXICO - The province of Quebec in Canada is among the main aerospace centers in the world and is now looking for Mexican professionals specialized in this sector who, in addition to being hired, will have the opportunity to live in the region.

Canada is recognized worldwide for its excellence in the aerospace, life sciences and information technology sectors, as well as communications, characteristics that make Quebec an important center of economic activity that generates more than one million jobs and a multicultural society open to immigration.

"In 2022, the aerospace industry contributed nearly US$1.5 billion to Canada's Gross Domestic Product (GDP), an increase of US$106 million compared to a year earlier. It also helped create 212,000 high-skilled jobs, an increase of 14,400 with those generated in 2021," according to Economic Development Canada.

The Directorate of Immigration Services of the Québec Government Office in Mexico in partnership with Montreál International announced the search for qualified personnel to work in one of the most important cities of the French-speaking province.

The search for Mexican talent is due to the fact that Mexico has professionals specialized in this sector with high quality training, they are receptive to immigration, they adapt easily, and Québec is geographically close, culturally familiar and Latin American.