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Canadian automotive supplier and mold maker M.I. Integration just finished its second facility in San Luis Potosi, Mexico. Now the company is hosting an open house on December 1 to launch the plant.

Construction of the new facility, called M.I. Moldes, was completed in September, roughly five years after the establishment of the first plant.

“In 2011 SLP M.I. Integración became our first plastic injection site in a foreign country, opening its doors in San Luis Potosi. Since then, the company landed several major contracts during its first year in operation, notably for the Ford Fusion and the Chevrolet Malibu,” said the company in a press release.

Mexico is one of the most sought-out countries for the automotive industry today. Among other things, this explains the nearly 32% increase in SLP M.I. Integración profit since 2011.

Due to increasing customer demand, expanding production capacity became a necessity, and M.I. Integración saw an opportunity to expand its range of services in Mexico.

Now five years after its debut in Mexico, the group opened the doors to its new service center. SLP M.I. Moldes is dedicated to the manufacture of molds and dies. “Opportunities are abundant, and this fully justifies our presence in Mexico”, declared Vincent Houle, VP of Strategy and Customer Relations.

“San Luis Potosi is a strategic, geographical location; GM, is currently situated here, and by the end of 2018, both Ford & BMW are planning to establish themselves in the area,” said Vincent.  “The infrastructures are in place, well developed, and most of our partners are located within a radius of a two to four hour drive.”

The construction of SLP M.I. Moldes began in January 2016 and ended 9 months later. The various entities of the M.I. group worked together to construct the factory and implement the employee training plan. Some Mexican employees actually began their training at Moules Industriel, in Quebec.

As soon as the machinery was installed, expert training instructors were also on site. “A multidisciplinary team is currently assisting to start-up the first projects, ensuring compliance to quality standards from M.I. Integration”, said Marie-Claude Houle, VP of Operations.

On December 1, 2016 the company will celebrate 5 years of SLP M.I. Integración and the inauguration of SLP M.I. Moldes. Because of this, an “open house” day at the facility will be organized for their clients, suppliers and partners.

M.I. Integration also operates two plants in Quebec.


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