Canadian plastic molder Exo-s to double production capacity in Queretaro

Canadian plastic molder Exo-s to double production capacity in Queretaro

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Canada-based Exo-s, a supplier of injection and blow molded thermoplastic systems, announced it has entered a two-year process to double its output capacity at a manufacturing plant located in the municipality of San Juan del Rio, Queretaro in central Mexico.

The company plans to around US$ 18.5 million in order to add 5,400 square meters of footprint as well as new tools and machinery, said in a press conference general manager François Ouellet. 

"We are going to bring new machinery and new production lines, based on the demand and the contracts we are signing. That will be the difference we can make (for our customers) with our mold workshop, with the metrology laboratory and the quality of the machinery we install," he said. "Today we are exceeding US$ 13 million in annual sales and we see that with the machinery that we are going to install we can double that figure in the next two years."

The official said that Exo-s aims most of its production to the national market and only between 10 and 15% is exported to Canada and the United States, although they hope to increase that percentage if the revision of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) concludes on good terms.

Exo-s manufactures injection and blow molded automotive products such as engine covers, thermal ducting systems (HVAC) and coolant reservoirs. The company also serves the agriculture, all-terrain utility vehicles, toys and appliances segments.


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