Mexican armor industry builds 1,769 units in first half of 2018

The Mexican vehicle armoring industry built 1,769 bullet-proof units during the first half of the year, the National Armor Industry Commission (CNIB) reported.

Based on data from the Government’s National Safety Commission (CNS), the agency reported that, of all the vehicles sold, about 383 were manufactured by companies affiliated to the CNIB, which confirms a 22% share of this group of companies in the national market.

Inside the CNIB are affiliates such as Goldman Armor, Centigon Security Group, Centur, Protelife Armor Boutique, Technical Armored Group and IBN Industrias Militares.

Of the total of armored vehicles, 65% were SUV-type units, 5% were sedans, 23% were pickups and 7% were military and police vehicles.