Carolina Protect to manufacture armor plates in Guanajuato using Hesco technology

Hesco Armor, Inc. and Carolina Performance Fabrics received U.S. Government regulatory approval to manufacture and distribute hard armor plates to Latin America using Hesco Technology.

Carolina Performance Fabrics, S.A. de C.V. manufactures ballistic fabrics for the protection of personal, automotive, aerospace or aeronautical and architectural shielding.

The company, already established in Latin America as provider of ballistic protection, will be adding to their portfolio a new range of hard armor plates that utilize processing techniques and materials developed by Hesco engineers. 

The use of Hesco Technology will create light and durable armor products for law enforcement and first responders.

Together, Hesco and Carolina will create a new generation of ballistic resistant body armor for Latin America distribution. Carolina will market the plates under the Carolina Protect brand and manufacture at Carolina’s Salvatierra facility in the State of Guanajuato, Mexico.

Over the next 12 months Carolina will replace the current Fortec line of plates and will release products with Hesco Technology, bringing certified plates of various threat levels to the Latin American market.


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