DAF arrives in Mexico

VERACRUZ – Paccar Mexico officially launched the DAF brand in our country, in conjunction with its distributor Kenworth del Este….

9 April, 2024

Auto parts production surpassed US$10 billion in January

9 April, 2024

MEXICO – The National Auto Parts Industry (INA) explained that the production of automotive components has consolidated its growth trend…

Vehicle production at the Texas-Mexico Supercluster increases by 55%

9 April, 2024

MEXICO – The Texas-Mexico Automotive Supercluster, made up of states such as Texas, Nuevo Leon, Tamaulipas, Coahuila and San Luis…

Nexteer seeks to relocate Chinese suppliers to Mexico

9 April, 2024

MEXICO – In a strategy aimed at strengthening its automotive supply chain and promoting economic growth in the country, Nexteer…

Taxan expands in San Luis Potosí

8 April, 2024

SAN LUIS POTOSI – The Japanese Tier 2 supplier, Taxan (part of KAGA Electronics) inaugurated the expansion of its plant…

FOTON Mexico delivered electric unit to Holcim

2 April, 2024

ZAPOPAN, JAL – FOTON Mexico announced the delivery of another EST-A electric unit to Holcim, a leading company in the…

Guanajuato leads electromobility projects in Mexico

2 April, 2024

GUANAJUATO – In the recent mapping of electromobility in Mexico conducted by the Directorio Automotriz platform, Guanajuato stands out in…

Details of treated water works reviewed for Tesla’s arrival in NL

1 April, 2024

NUEVO LEON – In order to improve the conditions to take advantage of nearshoring and the arrival of more companies,…

BMW announces date for start of construction of battery production center in SLP

27 March, 2024

SAN LUIS POTOSI – One year after its initial announcement, BMW confirms the date for the start of construction of…

AMIA executive presidency change

27 March, 2024

MEXICO CTY – The Mexican Automotive Industry Association (AMIA) announces that after almost four years as Executive President of the…

BYD and BBVA join forces for electromobility in Mexico

25 March, 2024

MEXICO – BYD partners with BBVA Mexico to promote electromobility in the country, offering financing for electric and hybrid vehicles….

Audi Mexico inaugurates new industrial building

22 March, 2024

PUEBLA – Audi Mexico inaugurated the new A71 logistics building, which will mark a milestone in the factory’s new generation…

Hyundai Motor Mexico and IPN sign alliance to boost the automotive industry

22 March, 2024

MEXICO – Hyundai Motor de México joins IPN in a strategic alliance to boost the automotive industry. The collaboration includes…

Stellantis Mexico and AMSDE strengthen the automotive supply chain

22 March, 2024

MEXICO – In an effort to capitalize on the favorable conditions of Nearshoring, Stellantis Mexico and the Mexican Association of…

Yokohama Rubber invests US$380 million in Coahuila

20 March, 2024

SALTILLO, COAH – Yokohama Rubber Co. announced that it will build a passenger car tire plant in Mexico to strengthen…