Central Zone – Issue 51

Central Zone – Issue 51

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++nissan++ Nissan will increase investments in Mexico

Mexico City.- Nissan Mexicana is considering increasing its investments in Mexico, forecasted in US$900 million between 2009 and 2013, in order to increase production, which last year reached a historical record of 506,490 units.

Jose Muñoz, CEO and President in Mexico, said in a press conference that they are constantly assessing production and growth opportunities and that the US$900 million are a basis to continue considering increasing the amount “because we would like to have more production capacity”.

During the celebration of Nissan’s 50th anniversary in Mexico, he said that after surpassing their vehicles manufacture goal in Mexico for 2010 (500,000 units), the assembler wants now to increase production volume, by manufacturing in Mexico new units and introducing the first completely electrical car, March, which is already being produced in Aguascalientes Plant and which will be sold as of the second quarter of the year.

“We are very interested in increasing production, we think that the strategy implemented in the last two years of increasing exports has allowed guaranteeing jobs, it has also provided for costs competitiveness and has made us competitive in the domestic market”, he said.