Central Zone – Issue 58

++guanajuato++ Nishikawa Cooper Mexico invests US$35 billion in Guanajuato

Guanajuato, Mexico.- With an investment estimated in US$35 billion, the Japanese Company Nishikawa Cooper will start operations within a few weeks at Guanajuato Inland Port Logistics Center. 
The company, specialized in manufacturing rubber and glass for the automotive sector, is forecasting the generation of 370 new direct jobs in Silao, Ramon Alfaro, Guanajuato’s Minister of Economic Development, informed during the celebration of the sixth anniversary of this inland port. 
Alfaro estimated that Guanajuato Inland Port has attracted 186 projects, which investment adds to more than US$7.1 billion this Administration, translating in turn into 63,000 jobs.