Central Zone – Issue 82

Central Zone – Issue 82

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New Automotive plant to be built in Aguascalientes

The Governor of Aguascalientes, Carlos Lozano de la Torre, headed the supervision of the construction of the COMPAS automotive plant, conducted by Nissan and Daimler. Governor Lozano, expects that the establishment of this new plant brings economic certainty to Aguascalientes for years to come. This project represents an investment of US$1 billion, the creation of more than 15,000 jobs and the objective of producing up to 230,000 units of next-generation premium compact vehicles for the brands Mercedes-Benz and Infiniti, per year. Mr. Lozano added that the new plant is located on a surface measuring 110 hectares and it is expected to start operations by November 2017.

Schneider Electric invests in Mexico

Schneider Electric will invest US$17.3 million in Mexico this year, in order to increase its capacity, replace equipment, as well as enhancing aspects related with the security and productivity matters, assured Enrique Gonzalez Haas, President of Schneider Electric in Mexico. These funds will be used in a service center located in Mexico City and the installation of a software that will improve its administrative process to benefit its customers. Mr. Gonzalez remarked that Schneider Electric had a double-digit growth and achieved a balance between exports and sales in the local market, representing a 50%, each.

Sumitomo inaugurates plant in Aguascalientes

The State of Aguascalientes Governor, Carlos Lozano de la Torre, headed the inauguration of the Sumitomo Electric Sintered Components Mexico´s plant, accompanied by Kazuhiko Suganaga, President of Sumitomo Mexico, and Nozomi Ushijima, Managing Director of Sumitomo Electric Industries. The new plant, located at the San Francisco IV Industrial Park, will occupy an industrial building of 5,000 square meters equipped with the most advanced manufacturing technology. Sumitomo Electric Mexico represents an investment of US$25 million and the creation of 120 new jobs.

Zacatecas announces the creation of an automotive cluster

The Government of Zacatecas confirmed the creation of a cluster that will integrate companies belonging to the automotive sector, including suppliers and academy. The project begins with an investment of US$50 million to start operations of the Korean supplier of auto parts Yulchon, in the State. Miguel Alonso Reyes, Governor of Zacatecas, informed that negotiations reached an 80% progress and estimated that the cluster may be concluded within three months. Yulchon will supply products such as transmission shaft, gas springs, hydraulic cylinders and dampers to companies such as Kia, Hyundai, Mazda, Nissan and Toyota.

The Neohyundai's assembling plant kicks off in Queretaro

Neohyundai, trucks and buses assembler, started operations in Queretaro with an investment of US$14 million. This is the first Neohyundai’s plant in Mexico and there are plans to increase investment to US$60 million. Juan Pablo Eljuri, Director of the firm, informed that five models of trucks with 70-ton cargo capacity of towing strength, as well as buses of 7 to 12 meter-long (HD78 and HD65); in addition to two small units HD40 and HD55 will be produced at this facilities. It is expected a production of 800 units, forward-looking to produce 5,000 units per year in the short term.

Toyota to start operations in Guanajuato by 2019

The foundation stone of the automotive firm Toyota will be laid by the end of 2016 and will start operations by 2019, announced Franco Herrera, undersecretary of Attraction of Investments in the State of Guanajuato, who pointed out that about 2,000 direct jobs will be generated with the arrival of Toyota, in addition to 10,000 jobs, as a result of the arrival of suppliers nearby the region. Mr. Herrera highlighted that they expect a great dynamics on the investments attraction, both in Guanajuato and nearby states, due that people from different parts of the country and the world will begin to move.

Okuma and Hemaq inaugurate a Technology and Advanced Manufacturing Center

The Hemaq Company and the Japanese firm Okuma inaugurated the Okuma-Hemaq Technology and Advanced Manufacturing Center, in Queretaro, in which processes and services for the automotive and aerospace sectors will be developed. Benito Gritzewsky Kriger, Hemaq’s General Director and President of the Mexican Federation of the Aerospace Industries (FEMIA), said that the Company registered a 12% annual growth in 2015 and it is expected a 9% growth by 2016. Currently, the center has 37 job positions of technicians and engineers that will be trained to develop processes required by the aerospace and automotive industries, pointed out Mr. Gritzewsky.

Rocand inaugurates plant in Guanajuato Puerto Interior

The Canadian company Rocand Moldmaking & Injection Molding inaugurated its new plant, located in the Guanajuato Puerto Interior (GPI), where US$4 million were initially invested. This investment project will be extended for five more years, with a contribution of US$8 million and the generation of 200 direct jobs, informed Michel Morin, Operations General Director of Rocand Mexico. Mr. Morin highlighted that this plant will serve the unmet demand of moulds, due that it is a technology difficult to get in Mexico and it has to be got in the U.S. or Germany.