Ceramic floor manufacturer Interceramic opens US$ 80 million plant in Guanajuato

Ceramic floor manufacturer Interceramic recently inaugurated its tenth production plant in Mexico. Located in the municipality of San Luis de la Paz, Guanajuato, the US$ 80 million facility is dedicated to production of tile for the domestic market.

“This investment is the formula that we need in Mexico, investments that bring cutting-edge technology, which create new jobs,” said Víctor Almeida, chairman of the Board and CEO.

Almeida explained that it is the first large-scale plant outside of Chihuahua, the state where the company was founded in 1979. This facility will aim to serve the center and south of Mexico.

He added that in the future the development of two more stages of expansion will be considered, for a total of between 26 and 27 million square meters of tile production in the following five years.

“It would be the biggest unit we have,” Almeida said. “We will start with a production of 8.6 million square meters per year, which represents around 20% growth of our current capacity which is 45 million square meters.”


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