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CFM International, an Ohio-based manufacturer of aircraft engines, announced that orders for both of its product lines again achieved near-record levels in 2017, with the company booking orders for a total of 3,344 engines, including 474 CFM56 engines (commercial, military and spares) and 2,870 LEAP engines (including commitments and spares).

“The LEAP engine continues to be the powerplant of choice for new single-aisle aircraft, garnering more than 14,270 total engine orders and commitments (excluding options) at a value of more than US$ 206 billion at list price since 2011,” said the company in a statement.

Total CFM production remains at historic rates, with the company delivering a total of 1,444 CFM56 engines and 459 LEAP engines in 2017.

In Queretaro, Mexico, French aerospace manufacturer Safran produces blades for the LEAP turbine.

For this purpose, composite materials and resin are used with a 3D molding transfer, a technology developed by Safran and Albany International Corp., a company specialized in advanced materials. The goal is to reach a yearly production of 20,000 blades by 2021. 

The Group has another two production plants in Queretaro, both Safran centers of excellence: one makes critical parts for the CFM56 and SaM146 engines and the other specializes in landing gear components for Airbus and Boeing airplanes.

As CFM continues the transition from CFM56 to LEAP production, the total number of CFM56 engines produced will continue to drop, with the full transition expected by the year 2020, at which time the company expects to be at a rate of more than 2,000 LEAP engines per year. 

CFM will continue to build CFM56 spare engines for many years beyond 2020 to support the in-service fleet and plans to produce spare parts for the program until around the year 2045.

“We are very pleased with the results we achieved in 2017,” said Gaël Méheust, president and CEO of CFM International. “It was the second highest year for LEAP engine orders in the program’s history, and we are producing engines at a rate never before seen in commercial aviation.  For 2018, our focus is to continue the successful LEAP production ramp-up while maintaining the level of quality our customers expect from CFM.”

CFM56 and LEAP engines are products of CFM International, a 50/50 joint company between GE and Safran Aircraft Engines.

The company is the world’s leading supplier of commercial aircraft engines, with more than 32,000 CFM56 engines delivered to date. 

The LEAP engine has experienced the fastest order ramp up in commercial aviation history and CFM has received orders and commitments for a total of more than 14,270 LEAP engines across all three models through December 2017.




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